Shards of Divinity

1066.IA -- The Emerald Revelation

Cloud Ruler Temple – 1066.IA, 15th of Dawning

“Cry ‘Havoc!’ and let loose the dogs of war!”

The airs fills suddenly with the sounds of hounds, panting, whining; echoing and reverberating within the enclosed space of the ancient hall, then silence. A wash of green glow illuminates the surroundings, revealing a vast pack of hounds; the like of which remain no longer in mortal memory.

As the beryl glows begins the fade, the largest of the hounds – nearly the size of a young bull and collared in flowing emerald runes – approaches, and kneels.

“Command us masters. We are the guardians; though fords are many, the bridge is closed. We hold the isthmus. We have awaited your incarnation, and now make ready your temple.”



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