Father Yohanan

Prior of the Bayt Lahm Abbey


Often likened to an ancient tree – clearly aged, though firm and unyielding; yet with an invitation of gentle protection under its eaves.


When you first came to the Abbey as mere toddlers, Father Yohanan was yet but an Lay Brother, assigned to watch-over and instruct these young fledglings in their early studies. Though nigh twenty-two years have passed – you have outgrown neither his tutelage nor his paternity.

You last saw Father Yohanan attempting to hold the Abbey against a horde of rabble and their shadowed leader. His fate unknown, but you can only fear the worst.

His actions suggest that he knew the attack was for you – but you are unsure of how or why he should have concluded such. Sadly, such secrets as he may have held are sealed within his journal. If only you could open in . . .

Father Yohanan

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