The Schism

Ancient text fragments from around the founding of the Empire speak of a significant event called “the Schism.”

Fascinatingly to scholars is that it seems to have appeared in secular and religious writings alike, as well as in at least one source which is popularly believed to have been a journal. Theories as its meaning are wide and divergent among scholars – three renderings however hold the greatest prominence. One favors a great division of nations, perhaps the collapse of a pre-Imperial order; another suggests a separation of worlds, literally speaking, or more conservatively, of landmasses; the final major teaching takes a moral or metaphysical approach, asserting a severance between men and gods.

The Church hierarchies have largely declined to speak authoritatively on the matter over the years. However, the Patriarch of Chorrol has recently begun to proffer a new position – advancing a novel blending of the three theories.

Regardless of the position taken, all scholars seem to agree that the “the Schism,” whatever it might have been, was pivotal to the founding of the Empire

The Schism

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