Shards of Divinity

1066.IA - Page 1

Cloud Ruler Temple – 1066.IA, 15th of Dawning

The Riftwood Book:
“Betrayal may yet be cured;
Shards of Divinity rightfully restored.
The bridge is barred and the isthmus watched;
wane the tides and widen the fords.
Seek the frozen keeper of the north;
reclaim the rift-lost magics.”

The Emerald Book:
“Goodness is not its own reward;
Shards of Divinity rightfully reborn.
The bridge is barred yet cannot hold;
wax the tides and destroy the crossings.
Seek the vanguard’s troubled tomb;
find the key of isthmus’ gate.

1066.IA -- The Emerald Revelation

Cloud Ruler Temple – 1066.IA, 15th of Dawning

“Cry ‘Havoc!’ and let loose the dogs of war!”

The airs fills suddenly with the sounds of hounds, panting, whining; echoing and reverberating within the enclosed space of the ancient hall, then silence. A wash of green glow illuminates the surroundings, revealing a vast pack of hounds; the like of which remain no longer in mortal memory.

As the beryl glows begins the fade, the largest of the hounds – nearly the size of a young bull and collared in flowing emerald runes – approaches, and kneels.

“Command us masters. We are the guardians; though fords are many, the bridge is closed. We hold the isthmus. We have awaited your incarnation, and now make ready your temple.”

1066.IA -- Writ of Censure

Bayt Lahm Abbey — 1066.IA, 7th of Dawning

Destruction and plunder of Ledgewood Fields, including the deaths of seven lifeholders and three imperial citizens.

Ledgewood Fields, being under the jurisdiction and protection of the Imperial Church, it is properly within Divinity’s Reach. Investigate and avenge. Authorization to pursue unto Imperial Borders and no further.

Within Divinity’s Reach there is Justice.

By my hand;
Father Yohanan, Prior.

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